80’s Totally Awesome Party

80’s Totally Awesome Party

When my daughter turned 18, she wanted to have a throwback to the 80s skate party. I was like… Aaaawesome!…that would be TOTALLY rad!

No, really that ISN’T how it went.

But I was excited, and when I say “I”, I really mean my husband. He did totally I {heart} the 80s. Me…eh hem…I was too young. {so I want people to think}

But it was a really fun party, and the teens now days love the 80s. I believe they think they even invented it. Have you seen some of the fashion trends they are wearing now? As if they thought of it. Kids really don’t learn from the mistakes of their parents, do they?

Designing the dessert table was a lot of fun and brought back a lot of memories. Probably one of my favorite parts was these PacMan dessert kabobs. I will have to post a tutorial on how I did them later. The ghosts on the end were cake-pops.

I iced Oreos for the PacMans and the white dots were just simple small marshmallows.

Chances are, if you were a kid growing up in the 80s you owned a plastic lunchbox with a matching thermos {you know the ones} And the highlight of our school day was to open that lunchbox to find which Hostess Brand treat was inside. So how could I throw an 80s party without some favorite Hostess treats? I used old records to make the dessert stand and simply bought mini Rubix Cubes to prop the food labels.

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